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What is a mobile wallet article

What is a mobile wallet, and should you use one?

Your smartphone can take high-quality photos, store files and access email. And if you use a mobile wallet, it can also take the place of a physical credit card.

A mobile wallet is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a “wallet” that lives on your mobile device instead of in your back pocket.

Open uri20170719 3499 1jz6d0 article

How to Manage Debt as a Couple When Only Your Partner Has Debt

Stress around money can cause serious problems for couples, and even contribute to divorce. If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s important to understand how to communicate about your finances, talk through money issues and work together to learn how to manage debt, create savings and achieve goals.

But what if you don’t have any debt to manage — and only your partner does? Whether you keep your finances separate or hold everything jointly, your partner’s debt could impact you. Here’s how to deal with the situation.

Mail box email marketing campaigns article

Email Inspiration: 5 of This Year’s Best Email Marketing Campaigns

Want to make use of email to generate more sales, but not sure what to send? You can do a lot with your email marketing; using it as a means for building connections, asking for feedback, encouraging social sharing, and providing special offers to recipients.

Digital marketing strategies laptop and tablet article

The 5 Key Tactics to Include in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Ready to dive into the digital world to expand your reach and grow your small business? There are lots of opportunities to connect with potential buyers, and increase your sales and revenue. No matter how you want to spread the word, there’s a digital marketing tactic for you to try.

Of course, the problem with so many options is that picking just one to implement can get overwhelming! Don’t get caught with a case of analysis paralysis. Instead, know these key tactics that any small business owner can incorporate.


What’s the Difference? Understanding SEM and SEO Once and For All

Heard of the terms SEM or SEO and wondering what all those letters mean (and what you should be doing with them)? These are important concepts to know, especially if you want to market your business online.

But trying to figure out SEO and SEM can get confusing, because the terms are similar and often used interchangeably. So what is the easiest way to start understanding the difference between the two?

Elegantafricanamericanwo 426868 1200x800 article

Don't Forget About 401(k) Matching on Your Job Search

Hunting for a new position can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to think about: job title, salary, opportunity for promotion, workplace culture and more.

It’s easy to let one of the most important considerations slip through the cracks: the availability of 401(k) matching and other financial benefits.

125 3reasonestosave inarticleimg article

Not Saving? These 3 Reasons to Save Money Will Give You the Motivation to Start

Knowing the reasons to save money can be critical if you want to stick with a savings plan for the long term. If you need help understanding the importance of saving money, consider these key reasons why you should save money now

Untitled design b41bf40c 990f 4fc5 87cf a960a7ab29be article

The Science of Free Samples: How Freebies Can Keep Customers Coming Back For More

The idea of giving away your product for free can feel a little daunting. After all, someone has to pay for that — and when it comes to free samples, you eat the cost.

But don’t let that dissuade you, because free samples can generate a lot of sales for you over time. In some cases, free samples can boost sales by as much as 2,000%.

Facebook likes article

Increase Your Fan Base: How to Get More Facebook Likes

Creating a Facebook business page and growing your fan base by earning more likes might seem easier said than done. But with these tips, you can use this method of social media marketing to start building up an engaged audience who wants to see your posts in their feeds.

Stock images on table 990x495 article

How to Make Free Stock Images Look Personal On Your Website

There are a lot of resources containing thousands of professional stock images you can buy — and some that even allow you to download photos for free. But there’s a problem with this approach, too. Some stock photos feel stale and impersonal. Thankfully, you can learn to make stock photos look professional and authentic by keeping these tips in mind.

Stacks of books in library article

SEO for Beginners: A Definitive Guide

SEO, or search engine optimization, attempts to send messages to those algorithms that say, “This is the content you want to deliver in your results!” SEO allows you to build sites and create pages that search engines can quickly understand and categorize appropriately. As a result, your site can rank higher in search engine results.

Singlewomanaloneswinging 426873 1200x800 article

Divorce Preparation: Are Your Finances Covered?

Knowing that you’re not alone if you and your spouse choose to divorce doesn’t necessarily make the process any easier. You’ll likely deal with a wide range of emotions, and it may be difficult to address the practical aspects of ending your marriage.

But life does go on, and you need to protect your future — including your financial future. Make sure you understand what to expect when splitting up assets and dealing with debt and credit in your divorce preparation.

Hero how i paid off my student loans 1400x575 article

How I paid off student loans early

This grad’s strategy gave him a head start in eliminating debt before graduation

Hero are you a good saver 1400x575 article

Quiz: Are you good at saving money? | Wells Fargo

Your money habits may not be as good — or bad — as you think. Take our quiz to see where you stand.

Capture article

Korhorn Financial Group Creates a Fully Integrated Experience with eMoney

Korhorn wanted to streamline the process in order to create higher-quality plans. The company aimed to serve its clients in a way that was smooth and seamless, and reduce the burden of so much back-office work. It also strived to improve its user experience by allowing clients to view their financial plan and real-time data whenever they wanted.